What We Do

The Parrot Posse helps save parrots by providing supplies to birds waiting for new homes in rescues and sanctuaries, as well as those seized from often horrific conditions by animal control agencies who must shelter these birds as their cases work through the legal system.

Our regular donations go beyond basics of food, toys and caging to include  ICUs (intensive care units) and oxygen concentrators for birds that are ill; outfitted travel carriers for adopted birds going to their new homes, Austin Air HEPA units to provide clean air around dusty and powder birds; Sweeter Heater heating panels to keep old, arthritic, and feather challenged birds warm and comfortable year round, and even a refrigerator and freezer to keep foods fresh!

When birds are seized by animal control, our help again covers a wide range.  We try, when possible, to provide not only for short term needs, but also to help these organizations “package” the birds for long term adoption with appropriately sized and outfitted cages.

We are sometimes asked, when these seizures take place, why people should donate to us rather than the shelter in question. With no criticism of the shelters, which do a tough job every day, $25 donated to a shelter may or may not trickle down to the birds, while $25 donated to The Parrot Posse will be spent solely on supplies for the parrots in the custody of the shelter..

In 2017, The Parrot Posse  helped after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma  left devastation in their wakes. We immediately partnered with Lafeber Company and paid to ship close to 5,000 pounds of parrot foods to stricken parrot rescues, many of whom shared with other local parrot owners. While we hope we never have to do this again, we are proud we were able to provide critical resources in such difficult times.