The 2018 Roundup

And ta-da! “Round numbers” short version of the end of the year round-up:

How much did we raise, including all auctions, raffles, and donations, plus our Amazon Smile and Chewy kickbacks, and the cashback on our credit card, AND $2,338 worth of MyBirdStore reward points?

My chicken scratch version says $65,142, the most ever!

3 Macaws on a perch in an outdoor flight with the caption, "Total Raised $65,000 Helping 48 Rescues and 1000's of parrots" over the photo
Total Raised $65,000 – Helping 48 Rescues and 1000’s of Parrots

This year, we dodged the flood of very large seizures we’ve helped out within past years, and we also were spared natural disaster relief missions.

This meant fewer donations in for those big missions, but it also meant more donations out for those we help: this past year, that was 48 people and places last I counted, and literally thousands of parrots.

What did we spend? Ahhh…….all of it and then some? “Close enough” for now. Fundraising will have to crank up again soon! Bigly!

As for what we bought, oxygen concentrators, climbing nets, toys toys toys toys, rope perches, and bungees, more toys, heating panels, stainless steel buckets, and some other things I’m sure I’ve forgotten!

But mostly, FOOD! This year, if I’m adding correctly which is always problematic, we’ve bought and shipped 2,844 pounds of in-shell nuts. Not to mention a lot of shelled cashews!

AND, drum roll…other food?

We bought and shipped an amazing 13,387 pounds of pellets.

Your donations, your crazy auction bids, your continuing support makes this possible. Your generosity is what drives The Parrot Posse, and makes our generosity possible.

Thank you all, and…time to start trying to make 2019 even bigger!