The Posse Board

Judith R Archer, CEO, also known as our Sheriff,  is a fourth generation parrot owner who, in addition to riding herd on The Parrot Posse, shares her home near Charleston, SC, with 31 large parrots, mostly old macaws with medical or other issues.

Nancy Walker, Secretary, has been part of the avian community for 16 years and lives in Michigan with multiple Pionus Parrots, Parakeets and a very spoiled Green Cheek Conure.

Theresa Packard, Treasurer,  fell in love with her first parrot, Pearl Ella Bird (Pearly), a Congo African Grey, in 1990. She has been a strong supporter of avian welfare and an active member of the “Parronting”  community ever since. Theresa makes her home in Henderson, NV.

Sher Buckner has lived with birds for over 30 years and is a former parrot rehabber (40 parrots and 10 finches lived with her at one point), former breeder, consultant and presenter at public events.  Her parrots include a 34-year-old BnG and 19-year old GW she hand raised, as well as an 11-year-old CAG who arrived when he was 8. Sher is an avid supporter of education and volunteering, whether or not birds are involved, and lives with her partner, Peter, in Oregon.

Bonnie Grafton has worked in the avian world for better than 30 years, most recently as Director of Gilcrease Nature Sanctuary in Las Vegas, NV.  After years of living out west, Bonnie now makes her home in SW FL with her husband Ed, 2 dogs, and their crew of 6 raucous parrots.