Our Favorite Vendors

The Parrot Posse is lucky enough to enjoy support from some great companies who help us stretch your donated dollars:


A&E Cage Company

A and E Cage Company is our favorite cage vendor, offering us both great pricing, and a wide selection of cages for finches to macaws and everything in between along with perches, toys, and other parrot supplies.

A Nuts

Anuts , also known as Anton -Aguires is our go-to company for nuts!  We donate thousands of pounds of in-shell nuts annually, all bought from Anuts/AntonAgires, for their top notch products, prices, and service!



Austin Air

Austin Air has really only one product:  the best and toughest HEPA air filters out there!  Simple and strong, they do one thing and do it well:  they clean the air, including parrot powder and dust!  Austin Air Allergy Machines are one of our most appreciated donations year round!




Caitec Corporation was one of the first companies to help The Parrot Posse fulfill its missions, and continues to support us every year!  We buy toys as well as their very popular foods. Parrots love Caitec Oven Fresh Bites, and their super treat, Caitec Oven Fresh Bites Parrot Cookies, now available in wonderful new flavors like Carrot Cake, Apple Cinnamon, Red Hot Pepper, Peanut Butter and more!








Expandable Habitats

Expandable Habitats makes the safest and toughest toy bases out there with their skewers!  We donate many of these every year, so rescues and shelters can have volunteers make quick and easy, but most of all safe, toys!  They also make wonderful hangers that are great for aviaries, and stainless steel shelves, great for old or disabled birds.

Sweeter Heater Sweeter Heater is another company that has helped us help parrots, by offering us a dealership for their wonderful warm, safe, and long-lasting heating panels, formerly sold as Avitech Avitemp Heating panels.  Same great product, new name! Busy Bird

Busy Bird, Busy-Bird.com, makes wonderful, long lasting toys, and like Sweeter Heater, made them in the past to be sold under another name.  If you have fond memories of Fraser Bird Toys, “For Bird That Like To Screw Around,” they’re back!