How You Can Help Us Help Parrots

The Parrot Posse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so if you itemize your taxes, you can deduct your donations. We are also eligible for most employer charitable donation matches if your company offers that program.

Join us on Facebook to keep up with our day-to-day activities. We post all our invoices as they come in, and show you where your donations go! You can see in real-time what we bought, where we bought it, where it was sent, and what we spent. It’s your money and you deserve to see what we do with it.

Once you join our Facebook group, you can also bid in our many fast and fun auctions which feature parrot-related items, some purely practical, others purely fun!

Of course, we welcome cash donations. You can donate by using┬áthe Facebook donate button on our page. We also welcome ZELLE and Venmo, our address for those is TheParrotPosse@aol. com. If you’re one who prefers checks and snail mail, please make your check out to The Parrot Posse and mail it to 1074 Harts Bluff Rd, Wadmalaw Island SC 29487. Did your Uncle Louie leave you a couple of shares of stock? Heck, we can even accept donations of stocks these days! If you have any questions about these or other ways to donate, please drop us an email. Thanks!

We also appreciate what we call “painless donating.” If you shop at Amazon (and who doesn’t), please use Amazon Smile and sign up for The Parrot Posse to be your charity of choice. From then on, be sure to use, and a portion of almost all your purchases will be donated to the Posse, at no cost to you. Or if you are new to, which offers a huge array of pet products at good prices, use this portal for your first purchase, of any amount, and will donate $20 to us, with again, no cost to you.